TWO Stourport schools will be supporting farmers in Africa by selling at least 90kg of Fairtrade rice during Fairtrade fortnight.

For every 90kg sold by the schools for a fair price, a farmer in Malawi earns enough income to send one child to high school.

Stourport Primary School and Wilden All Saints Church of England Primary School will be taking part in the project between Monday, February 25 and Sunday, March 10.

Preparations are underway with the pupils of Wilden All Saints School promoting the rice by producing recipe cards and the Oneraindrop Eco Club of Stourport Primary School designing their own labels for the bags of rice to give customers information on Fairtrade.

Charlotte Walmsley, deputy headteacher at Wilden School said: “It would be a fantastic achievement if the work of the children could mean that two more students from Malawi could go to high school for a year.”

Hannah Wilson, 10, is a member of Oneraindrop Eco Club. She said:”It’s good because we’re helping Howard [a farmer] to sell his rice which he has worked very hard to grow, so we would like to give him a fair price.”

The project is supported by a grant awarded to Stourport Fairtrade Group from the Midcounties Co-operative.