KIND Stourport Rotarians helped raise hundreds of pounds towards the worldwide fight to eliminate polio.

Around 15,000 purple crocuses were planted in November last year at the Memorial Park in Lickhill Road, as part of the Rotary International campaign.

Stourport Rotary Club arranged for packets of flowers to be sold in a number of town shops to help raise funds.

Current Stourport Rotary Club president Pete Roberts said they would be looking to almost double the number of crocuses in the park to help raise even more money for the cause.

He said: “We want to thank everyone in Stourport who supported us in this important Rotary Club campaign.

“Rotary has been looking to eradicate polio for the past 30 years and, as a result of their work, there are less than 100 people with it across the world.

“The aim of course is to see an end to this life-threatening disease and, this year, we should finally see this happen.

“We will be doing another planting later this year which should see at least 10,000 more crocuses being planted in the park.”