Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best gadgets for snow-based fun

By Peter Jenkinson

It has been mentioned by the weather folk that there may be some snow on the way, so it's worth being prepared just in case it does arrive.

Previous years have shown how hard it can be to get your hands on a sled and the like when the white stuff falls, so be forearmed with one or more of these enviable pieces of kit.

Worn out - Beardski - £24.99 from

Set yourself apart from the crowd by sporting one of these chin warmers - it certainly has the grin-inducing factor. Perfect for covering your ears, face and neck while on the slopes, the part ski mask, part fake beard is available in a variety of colours - and you'll never need a razor to shift it from your face.

Blast-off - Wham-O Arctic Force Blaster - £24.95 from

Be the dominant force in any snow-based battle with this amazing bit of machinery. Prepare up to three missiles in the snowball press and the blaster will launch them up to 100ft. It's fun for the whole family that can last all day long.

Quick style - Snow Boogie Polar Glider - £19.99 from

Fed up of using a bin bag to get you down the snow-covered hills? This minor investment will launch you down the slopes at top speed - and the quirky 'moose' and 'polar bear' designs are sure to attract some enviable glances.

Grown-ups allowed - Wham-O Snow Boogie Air Slick - £7.50 from

There's no reason why adults can't join in the sledding fun. So relive those childhood memories and prepare to reach top speeds with this sleek-looking kit. Made from super-light foam, it's comfortable and easy to transport.

Old-school - Arctic Force Snowball Crossbow - £29.99 from

Load up your snowballs in this Robin Hood-style weapon to launch your frozen ammunition up to 18m. With a quick pull-and-release mechanism, your opponents are likely to be running in the opposite direction.

Little but fast - Zipfy Sledge - £44.99 from

Slightly more expensive than your standard sled, but after one ride on this agile piece of snow craft, you're sure to be hooked. The handle and underside grooves combine to create on very, very quick piece of propulsion. It's light enough to carry up the big hills and perfect for raising a smile.

App of the week: Tips & Tricks - iPhone Secrets - from 69p on iTunes

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