Recent years have brought about advances in canine nutrition and veterinary care which has ensured our dogs are living for longer. Each dog is an individual with their own specific needs and requirements but for every dog the deterioration of the digestive system, joints, and teeth are inevitable.

This can mean that additional supplementation of the diet, increased veterinary care, and vigilance around care may be required in order to maintain a happy, healthy dog. At around seven years of age dogs are considered to be middle aged and just like people many dogs slow down as they mature.

Some dogs may lose weight as a result of poor digestion later in life, whilst others will pile on the pounds as their body is using less of energy they consume, resulting fatty deposits around the body. Many dogs will become less keen on regular exercise as a result of joint and muscular pain but the weight gain which follows a decrease in exercise can further exacerbate the problem.

The key to a happy healthy dog is to where possible maintain regular exercise routine and a balanced, nutritious diet. Feeding a senior diet can also be helpful to ensure your dog is receiving the protein he needs for repair to cells and an increased level of fibre in the diet can be helpful in order to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

In addition supplementing the diet of older dogs with Glucosamine and Hyaluronic Acid can help your canine friend retain an active life. These supplements help to maintain the joint cartilage and to cushion and lubricate joints; ideal for those dogs which are stiff in the mornings!

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