The cause of cancer in our animals is still not known with any definitive certainty, but just as with human cancer there are certain factors which have been established which will increase the risk of your dog suffering from this disease. Scientific Nutritional Products takes a brief look at canine cancer and what we as dog owners can do to help to prevent it. Recent years has brought about improvements in diagnosis and prevention techniques allowing us to reduce the impact cancer can have and helping us advance and progress our beloved friends treatments. From what we already know about dog cancer, genetics, exposure to certain carcinogens and a weakening of the immune system can all contribute to the development of cancer alongside the obvious factor, the age of your dog.

Providing Clean Water and Good Nutrition

It is essential to always provide clean, fresh water for your canine as water is a macronutrient which is vital for health. It is also crucially important to provide a high quality diet which includes the necessary proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins and minerals. Scientific Nutritional Products offers canine supplements which help to promote optimum health by including Glucosamine for dogs, Omega 3 and a wide range of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Always choose top quality brands of dog food and consult the ingredients list as the better quality better feeds will supply your canine with superior nutrition!


Dogs who suffer from anxiety – because, for example, they have no regular routine, live in hectic households or reside in houses where the human occupants are themselves under emotional stress – can be more susceptible to cancer than dogs who don’t have such stresses in their lives. Anxiety can over stimulate the liver, causing an overproduction of enzymes that can lead to the development of cancer. Keep your dog stress free by trying to maintain a regular routine, regular exercise and trying to reduce tension in the household.

Limit your Dogs Exposure to Pollutants and Pesticides

Where possible choose natural products to clean around the house to limit your dogs exposure to chemicals on objects which he may lick, sniff and chew. If you walk your dog in a rural area keep your eyes open to when surrounding fields are sprayed or treated with chemicals; it may be worth choosing an alternative route for your walk just for a period of time!


A fit, healthy dog that enjoys regular exercise is likely to have a healthier cardio vascular system, muscular system and a stronger immune system.

Though, just like in the human species sometimes nothing can stop cancer striking, utilising some of these simple measures can help to keep your canine healthy and disease free.

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