Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the top Valentine's gifts for geeks.

By Peter Jenkinson

Love glove

Smitten - £24.99 from

It might look like a double-handed duster, but this twin glove is just the job for skipping through the fields as if in the final credits of a (wintery) rom-Venncom. It's cute, shows you care and will keep the chill of your loved one's digits, well on one hand at least.

Big softie

Venn Cushion, £29.99 at

You might think that giving a gift themed on a maths lesson is not the (square) route to your loved ones heart. But think again. This personalised venn diagram cushion adds up to just the right balance of clever and cute. Avoid the Me/You/True Love in the middle combo, though- too much.

Floating high on love

Balloon Bouquet - £22.95 from

Sorry to, er, burst the florists' bubble, but whatever it is you can 'say with flowers', you can say it much better with an inflatable balloon bouquet of flowers. Especially perfect for anyone who dismisses Valentine's day as a load of hot air.

Sweet spot

Candy Floss Machine - £39.49 from

If you want to really sweeten up your romance, you can't go far wrong with this brilliantly retro Candy Floss maker. It's fun, simple to use, practical - and you get a nice treat thrown in too. All the fun of the fair, without the worry of feeling sick on the Ferris wheel afterwards.

Write on

Binary Keyring - £11.99 from

Show your Valentine that they are The One by showing them, well, a long list of ones (and nones). It doesn't matter if they're not the sort who can decode what's written without any help, a translation leaflet is included in this keyring kit to make sure they get the (right) message.

Old flame

Philips Rechargeable candles - £19.90 from

Solving the issues of finding a lighter, the inevitable hot wax spillage and the post-blow-out smoke stink, are these nifty rechargeable candles. Stick them in the base unit and they'll soak up their charge, while letting you soak up that perfect romantic atmosphere in peace.

App of the week

ReBeat from Rebtel - free on iTunes and Google Play

Way more personal than a 'I like you' text, this app lets you send your digitally recorded heartbeat to one another. Just stick your finger on the lens and it'll gather the data from your heart, package it up and send your pulse as an animation and vibration in time with your ticker.

Top 10 paid for apps for Android phones

1. The Chase

2. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

3. Cryptic Kingdoms

4. Choco Smash

5. Cut the Rope

6. Garfield Kart

7. Hunger Games: Catching Fire

8. Mahjong

9. Plants vs Zombies

10. Bike Race

Top 10 free apps for Android phones

1. Reflexions

2. Candy Crush Saga

3. BBC iPlayer

4. BBC Media Player

5. Gregg

6. Jelly Splash

7. Netflix

8. Where's My Water? 2

9. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

10. Facebook

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