Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Top six portable chargers.

By Peter Jenkinson

Smooth operator

Joosa Charger - £29.99 from

The latest arrival on the portable charger scene is this highly tactile, well-finished piece of kit, laying down the standard for the next generation. Power yours up from the mains and it'll charge your mobile up to eight times before it needs attention itself. As you only plug in your USB cable, it's also compatible with almost everything.

Stone me

Pebble Verto - from £21.49 at

This compact range of portable chargers comes complete with a range of power pins for various devices, and manages to store enough power inside for about two full refills of your smartphone. Not as revolutionary as others, but neat and efficient - which is actually all you need.

Yes you can

Fuel - £24.99 from

Not much bulkier than a box of matches, it'll come as no surprise that the diminutive nature of this re-juicer means it must compromise on power reserves. But saying that, it can still give you a much needed 20 minutes of extra chat time. It also looks like a jerry can, so it's up to you if you want to make the glug-glug sounds as you fill up your phone.

Happy camper

Biolite camper stove - £149.99 from

This contraption is not one for every day occasions, but you'll certainly look forward to using it on those non-every day occasions (camping, hiking and the like). Using flammable natural materials like twigs and leaves, it cooks for you, keeps you warm, and - crucially - powers up an internal fan to send juice to your gadgets.

Power stick

Pebble Smartstick - £14.99 from

Available in a few different hues, this dinky charger is about the size of a lippy, ideal for carrying in - and probably losing down the dark recesses of - your handbag. Once located though, it'll offer a full recharge for that vital extra talktime.

Just in case

TurboCharger 7000 World Pack - £59.95 from

A very nifty idea this one - well, if you're an iPhone 5 owner, anyway. This slim outer case both doubles the life of your mobile, and protects it from the inevitable meetings with solid surfaces. Put it on, flick the switch and off it goes, doing its work without any work from you. Clever.

App of the week

Laterooms - free on Google Play and iTunes

It's time to start considering a mini-break now the worst of the weather, we hope, is behind us. Download this app from Laterooms and get easy access to thousands of hotels, images, search icons and genuine guest reviews. Imagine where you might be this time next week...

Top 10 paid for apps for Android phones

1. The Room Tow

2. The Chase

3. Weather Live

4. Minecraft

5. The Room

6. Plants vs Zombies

7. Dark Stories

8. Snail Bob

9. Cut the Rope

10. Farm Crush

Top 10 free apps for Android phones

1. Cryptic Kingdoms

2. Flappy Wings

3. Lego City My City

4. Music Quiz

5. Candy Crush Saga

6. Seven Dwarfs: Queen's Return

7. 4 Pics 1 Word

8. BBC iPlayer

9. BBC Media Player

10. Township

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