Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best household helpers.

By Peter Jenkinson

Robotic sweeper

Samsung Navibot CornerClean - £634.99 from

This new addition Samsung's Navibot family of home autobots adds some decent new features to give about the best robotic vacuum we've seen. There are others in this category but none with the pop-out brush technology which enables this one to get into corners. The on-board computer uses image capture of 15 pics per second to map out its best route to get your floors all spick-and-span whilst you put your feet up and watch.

Steam cleaners

Thane H20 X5 - £79.99 from

Here we have five steam-based cleaning products shoehorned inside one pretty decent looking steaming machine. A floor cleaner, fabric steamer, window cleaner, handheld steamer and carpet cleaner, all of them helping to make cleaning fun, sorry, more bearable. These deep-cleaning devices can penetrate upholstery and carpets and eliminate odours that'll otherwise loiter.

Grime buster

Turbo Brush - £14.99 from

Avoid using toothbrushes to clean kitchen hobs, inside the oven, tile grouting or other inaccessible spots and treat yourself to this battery operated power brush. Thousands of bristles that clean in four different modes means this cleaning gadget busts through muck in a matter of moments.

Updated classic

Vileda Easy Wring set (includes microfibre mop and bucket) - £21.90 from

The age-old issue of not being able to wring out all the water from the classic mop has at last been solved. This smart bucket system has a splash-proof rim and inside you stick your floor cleaner, push the foot pedal, and it'll spin at 500-1000rpm to dry your old-school device to the ideal level

Supreme sucker

Dyson DC59 animal - £349.99 from

Powered by the very latest digital motor from the Dyson team, this cordless machine is as powerful as any mains powered vacuum. Ideal for quick cleans and also bigger tasks too, lots of accessories for all manner of chores.

Dancing shoes

Dust Mop slippers - £3.99 from

Time to stick on some tunes, crank up to 11, slip on these shoes and make light work of laminate flooring as you combine exercise with cleaning. Neighbours may snigger, but invite them around, offer them a pair of their own and the way your street cleans could change forever.

App of the week

Weswap - Free iOS

Save cash when you travel abroad with this savvy app that lets you connect with others across the globe to swap travel money. It matches travellers making the opposite journey so you simply swap cash. Transactions are simple and your swap is all managed for a minimal fee.

Top 10 free apps

1. Frozen Free Fall

2. Media Center Control

3. nroll Me

4. Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops

5. LEGO City My City

6. Flappy Wings

7. Candy Crush Saga

8. BC Media Player

9. BBC iPlayer

10. 100 Doors 2

Top 10 paid for apps

1. The Chase

2. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

3. Farm Crush

4. Plants vs. Zombies

5. The Room

6. Flappy Birdy

7. Animal Farm Saga

8. Notepad+

9. Birds of Britain

10. Cut the Rope

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