Dash and Splash is a fantastically fun canine activity hitting UK shores after having been popular in the United States of America for several years. A Dash and Splash event involves the competing dogs galloping down a 30ft runway before launching themselves with wagging tails into 40 foot specially designed swimming pool. Sounds a bit bonkers doesn't it?

So how does the event work?

At these well organised events dog and dog handler begin placed at the back of the 30ft deck ready and waiting to spring into action. When the call comes, the dog is released from his lead and thunders off down the ramp and upon reaching the pool a ball or toy is thrown into the clear blue pool. Your canine friend then revels in excitedly getting to leap into the pool, reaching his toy and swimming to the ramp to a cheering crowd. This winner of the competition is the dog that produces the longest jump; which is cleverly recorded electronically!

Dash and Splash is a fun summer activity for dog, owner and the adoring crowd. The events are kept safe with multiple organisers including a supervisor placed in the water to help get the dogs out of the pool. Organiser Anton Wittwer says "There is a lot of noise and kids love to sit right next to the pool because they get wet!" Last year up to 700 dogs per event were entered to joyfully dash and splash across England.

Any dogs competing should be fit, healthy, mobile and fed a balanced and nutritious diet. A dog competing regularly in Dash and Splash could benefit from the inclusion of a joint supplement in their diet in order to protect and prevent against wear and tear.

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