Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best wearable tech.

By Peter Jenkinson

Tick tock

Orsto X3 - £249, from

We've seen a few wrist-based pieces these past months, but this British made contender has more than enough style and substance to take them all on. From the 8.0 megapixel camera that makes video calls a breeze, to the built-in GPS and WiFi, to the Bluetooth connectivity for hooking up a handset or connecting online to grab an app, it's a feature rich piece of kit. The heart rate monitor will also come in handy for eyeing your BPM when everyone starts their admiring glances.

Smart snapper

Autographer - £299.99, from

This Bluetooth enabled device is to be hung around the neck, or clipped on a pocket, before the spontaneous snapping commences. Armed with five on-board sensors, the Autographer takes imagery of your day, at its own will, whenever it decides something has altered in your environment, like changes in light, motion, direction, temperature and even magnetic fields. Storage inside for up to 2,000 images - yup, it's a clever camera this one.

The chest beats

Electronic drum T-shirt - £29.99, from

This highly portable drum machine system will drive commuters on your train more insane than any of your turned up tinny earbud sounds ever could. There are eight touch sensitive pads, each producing a different sound, and you have nine different styles of kit to choose from, taking in Jazz to video game sounds. Such fun, especially with the built-in speaker turned up to 11.

Jog on

Fitbit Flex - £79.99, from

Working together with an android or iOS based app, this wearable fitness device will aid your training by tracking and reporting on all your activity. It'll measure steps taken, distance travelled, active minutes, hours slept and even how good that sleep was. The built-in alarm allows it to gently wake you from your slumber for that early morning run, and not bother your partner, too.

Imagery anywhere

Go Pro Hero 3 - £359.99 from

About the best camera for taking outdoor footage that has ever graced the online aisles ever (or aisles elsewhere, in fact). Tested to destruction (which didn't happen) by sports fans the world over, this piece of kit takes stunning HD imagery and videos above ground and under the water. Just attach to your body and set off into the big, wide, wild world.

Fashion statement

Kiroco smartwear - from £16.50 see

Locked inside the chips at the centre of all the jewellery designs are messages (or videos or photos) that you design and send via your phone. These are then unlocked when the recipient opens your gift, downloads the app and activates your message. Really inspiring inventiveness from this Yorkshire based outfit.

App of the week

Expedia, free on iTunes and Google Play

Spring is here, and we're getting ready to book far-flung summer holidays - but before you do, make sure you have this new app from Expedia. You can search and book flights from more than 130 airlines and book hotels from over 140,00 spots, and there are deals saving up to 30% on some stays, available exclusively via mobile.

Top 10 paid for apps

1. The Chase

2. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

3. The Room

4. Plants vs. Zombies

5. Farm Crush

6. Birds of Britain

7. Mo Candy - Match (3)

8. Sorcery!

9. The Room Two

10. Nav for Google Maps

Top 10 free apps

1. Guess The Emoji - Emoji Pops

2. Look & Cook

3. LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise

4. 100 PICS Quiz

5. Sonic Dash

6. The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery

7. BBC Media Player

8. Unroll Me

9. Candy Crush Saga

10. BBC iPlayer(Kindle Tablet Edition)

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