THE crowds thronged to the River Severn to watch all the action from last weekend's Bewdley Regatta.

The annual festival of rowing attracted bumper crowds and a big turn out of crews from across the country, thanks to a combination of glorious sunshine and innovative racing.

As well as the 800 metre course on Saturday and 600m distance on Sunday, the biggest hit was the new sprint races.

The 200m format wowed the crowds and there was local success as Stourport Boat Club emerged triumphant, with the men's eight seeing off Worcester RC in the final.

Bewdley skipper Simon Collingridge said: "The sprints were a huge success and we had our own version of the Eton roar because of the noise from the spectators."

There was also the first of its kind as blind Worcester Rowing Club sculler Suzanna ? took part.

She was guided via headphones by Worcester skipper Dominic O'Loghlin.

The hosts enjoyed success in the men's eight, with a mixed crew of Bewdley and Liverpool University rowers saw off Stourport.

Bewdley also saw wins in the Women's intermediate eights, Masters B novice double sculls and Masters B quartet, as well as the Women's Masters C eight.

On Sunday, there were succeses in the junior 14 single scull.

Meanwhile, Stourport's Women’s novices had their first win of the season and the youngest crew from Bewdley's local rivals came though to win by a foot in the J12 age category against Hinksey Rowing Club.

Bewdley Regatta local winners - Saturday: MxIM3.4+: Worcester RC MxIM3.8+: Worcester RC; IM2.2-:Birmingham RC; W.NOV.2x: Worcester RC; W.IM1.4x-: Bewdley RC; IM3.2x: Birmingham RC; W.J15A.1x: Birmingham RC; J15A.1x: Worcester RC; MasB.4+: Bewdley RC; MasB.NOV.2x: Bewdley RC; W.J16A.1x: Stourport BC; W.J13A.4x+: Worcester RC; MasC.8+: Worcester RC; MasC.8+: Worcester RC:; W.J15A.2x: Worcester RC; J14A.2x: Stourport BC; W.J18A.2x: Worcester RC; J12A.4x+: Stourport BC; MasC.2-: Stourport BC; NOV.2x: Birmingham RCy; W.MasC.8+: Bewdley RC.

Sunday: MASD.1x: Stourport BC; MasF.4+: Stourport BC MasG.4+: Hereford RC; W.J16A.1x: Stourport BC; IM3.2x: Birmingham RC:; J14A.1x: Bewdley RC; MxIM2.4x-: Bewdley RC; MasE8+: Bewdley RC. W.J13A.2x: Worcester RC;W.J18A.4x-: Worcester RC; W.J16A.4x: Stourport BC; IM3.1x: Stourport BC; W.J16A.2x: Stourport BC; W.J15A.2x: Worcester RC; MasE4x-: Stourport BC J16A.1x: Worcester: Crump; W.J18A.2x: Worcester RC; W.J15A.4x+: Birmingham RC; J14A.2x: Stourport BC; W.NOV.1: Bewdley RC; NOV.1: Bewdley RC; Mx.MasC8+: Tunley; W.MasC.4+: Bewdley RC; J15A.1x: Worcester RC; W.J18A.1x: Worcester RC.