A KIDDERMINSTER karate club has joined forces with a school in Bromsgrove in a bid to find the perfect blend.

The Kidderminster Karate Association are working with Forge Shotokan based in Stoke Prior to create a self-defence style which is ideal for more mature students.

The Wyre Forest club practises the Jikoboei Ryu style, while their Bromsgrove partners are disciples of the Okinawan style.

Jason Lester, of Kidderminster, said: “We’ve been working together and swapping ideas to create a new blend.

“It’s a great coming together and something you don’t see very often, clubs like ours tend to work alone.”

A particular interest to both clubs is the origin of the practical application of kata moves.

Kata are set sequences of moves which are open to interpretation by those who take the time and trouble to study them closely.

The Kidderminster club are holding an open seminar on Saturday, March 2 at Holy Innocents Church in Kidderminster, which will run between 12.30pm and 4.30pm and anybody interested is welcome to attend.

Anyone interested in finding out more about their new link-up with Forge can call Lester on 01562 67734 or 07545 550623.