MARTIAL ARTS: Sensei Jason Lester attended the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Japan Karate Association of England.

Lester, who is a fourth dan black belt and president of Kidderminster-based England Karate Association, saw some the martial art’s masters put on impressive displays.

The first half of the demonstration was taken by fifth dan and JKA champion Shimizu Sensei, while Sawada Sensei, a seventh dan JKA Belgium Instructor, took control of the second half.

Both instructors taught Kata (formal exercise) and Bunkai (kata applications), in which thrilled all those who attended with their dazzling display of speed, power and control.

Also present were Sensei Ohta Sensei, a seventh dan master who is the chief instructor for England, and ninth dan Uechi Sensei, chief Instructor for the Japan Karate Association.