BRITISH Cycling’s attempt to get more women into cycling was met with a good response at Stourport Sports Club.

Fifty-five women and girls of various ages and abilities from around the county enjoyed a two-hour session on a dry track in cool, but sunny conditions.

With Louise Day organising the events, the riders were first given advice on clothing requirements for this time of the year when the weather can turn cold and wet, as well as recommendations on the necessary food and drink required to see them through the sessions.

This was followed with riders splitting into groups according to their abilities to carry out some on- bike activities to improve braking and cornering techniques.

The session ended with a few laps of the one kilometre track to wind down and cool off.

The second of six courses will be held on Sunday, February 2 (9.30am start), with signing on at 9.15am. For more information contact Day on either 07534 281 265 or e-mail