SAMURAI fielded three players at their Ladies Open Championships and took three gold medals.

Laura Dangerfield, Ellie Arnull and Jess Sullivan produced solid displays for the hosts club.

Arnull was the first club member on the mat.

Having just turned 14 she was only-just old enough to qualify for the event and was competing in the category for players below black belt.

She made her way to the final and then scored an excellent backwards throw against a Shropshire player to claim the gold medal.

Sullivan was the Samurai entrant in the first-level black belts section and she too made her way to the final, this time coming up against a black belt from Sheffield.

She dominated the gripping and did all the attacking and after her opponent received three penalties for excessively defensive posture, the Samurai starlet secured gold.

In the second level black belts section, three wins by maximum points saw Laura Dangerfield into the final against a regular rival from Plymouth.

After a close match, Dangerfield was caught by two good throws and had to settle for silver.

But she bounced back in the open she also then entered the open category.

Dangerfield started well and recorded maximum point wins against players from Newport and Oxford.

She then edged out club mate Sullivan.

This put her into the semi-final against a much heavier girl from Bangor, but Dangerfield was now looking very strong and won with a good backwards throw for maximum points.

Up against a heavier opponent from Manchester, Dangerfield produced her trademark backwards throw to deliver gold. Sullivan also claimed bronze.

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