HARRIERS are seeking legal advice against several of their own directors in a bid to reclaim funds 'committed to the club'.

A statement from the Aggborough outfit said: “Events over the last month means that money that was contractually committed to the club by other directors to cover the trading performance in the 2013/14 season has not been forthcoming despite written assurances to the contrary.

Recent events with other clubs this summer has illustrated how difficult it can be to run a lower league football club and it is essential that the directors can rely on funding commitments made.

Therefore, notwithstanding any historical financial contributions, the failure to meet these most recent, and to date unfulfilled commitments, which the Directors had relied on in pushing for promotion last season, has caused unexpected financial challenges.

Legal advice has been sought in this respect and as a consequence the club shall make no further public comment whatsoever.

The club remains very positive about the forthcoming season and the directors are keen to achieve a speedy resolution in this matter.”