WORCESTERSHIRE Supporters' Association have been left a legacy of £50,000 by their late chairman Ken Mills OBE.

Mills helped the association raise millions of pounds to invest in various Worcestershire CCC projects, including the purchasing of the ground in 1976, during his 40 years as chairman.

Now Mills, who died in August, has left the association this windfall which current chairman Andrew Jenkins said would be "used wisely to benefit Worcestershire CCC and the association members."

He has also left as part of his legacy dozens of items of Worcestershire cricket memorabilia including glassware, ties, commemorative china plates, signed photographs and year books dating back to the 1940s.

Jenkins said: "It is typical of Ken to leave such a legacy and shows his devotion - and that of his late wife Pat - to the supporters' association.

"He has helped to raise millions of pounds in real terms from which the cricket club have reaped the benefits and now he has left us this fantastic legacy.

"I have to say it came as a complete shock to us as a association - and we intend to use the money wisely for the benefit of the cricket club and association members.

"We are also processing the fantastic memorabilia Ken has left to us and deciding the best use for such a great collection."

Worcestershire chief executive Tom Scott said: "I'm not surprised Ken has left the association such a fantastic legacy given his love for the organisation and Worcestershire cricket.

"I am sure the association, with whom we have a healthy relationship and who have done so much for the cricket club over many years, will ensure the money is spent wisely for the benefit of the association and the cricket club."

Meanwhile the memorial fund set up by the supporters' association in honour of Ken has now topped the £19,000 mark.