Hi my name is Bertie and I’ve just joined the fundraising team here at KEMP Hospice.

My role is to let the people of the Wyre Forest know all about what’s going on at the Hospice and how to get involved. To start of my adventure here at KEMP I’ve been visiting lots of places who have supported us in the past and who still support us now, in everyone blog I will let you know where I’ve been and share new pictures with you. The picture on this blog is of me and my friends on my first day with the team.

My first mission for the Hospice is to introduce you all to our Hospice at Home appeal where we need raise £30k! Here at KEMP we have an experienced clinical and support team who care for patients in their own homes. The team is led by a qualified Senior Nurse based at the Hospice and the service is designed to meet patient needs and support their families and carers. The service is designed to support patients during the last few weeks of life, enabling them to stay at home, rather than going into hospital, wherever practical. If you would like to help support this service why not visit our website (kemphospice.org.uk) to make a donation.

I would just like to let everyone know I am now available for personal appearances, so if you’re doing something exciting for KEMP and want me there please contact one of the fundraising team on 01567256 756066 or fundraising@kemphospice.org.uk.

Great to talk to you.