Well my friends we have finally seen the true face of politics. If you were ever in doubt that politicians absolutely, fundamentally don't give a god damn s**t about you and me then Gordon's gaffe as it is widely becoming known, is the final proof.

This could have been any other politician at any other time. But I must be honest and say that as far as I am concerned, it couldn't happen to a nicer man! These people truly don't live in the real world. And if Gordon Brown's comments don't tell you how these people think about the everyday man or woman, and how they only really want to be set up in front of the camera's with "pro people"..... you're not listening!

And WE keep voting for them! Well, I am going to ask you a very serious question. Firstly you will have to promise me you will keep an open mind? After all, a very intelligent man once said; "Problems cannot be solved by thinking within the framework in which they were created". And if you know who said that, you're one step ahead of the rest! For the benefit of the rest, and because I believe in co-operation rather than competition....it was Albert Einstein.

But before I ask you that question, I want to return to something that I mentioned in my first blog, and that is....debt!

This week we have heard the editor of the Financial Times Lionel Barber, telling us that none of our political parties are telling us the truth about how we are going to pay back the national debt.

Personally I would like to hear from all the PPC's including the SNP, and all the independents but our democratic television companies won't allow that!

Lionel is quite right however, our GDP (gross domestic product) is currently lower than Greece's, and their credit rating has just been lowered to "Junk". All the "big three" have signed up to reduce the debt by half over the next 4 years. Do they really understand what it will take to do just that? Do you understand what it will take to do just that? Lionel it seems, doesn't believe them, and neither do I!

I recently looked at the CIA's world fact book. The collective external debt of all the Governments in the world was 52 trillion dollars. Of the roughly 203 countries in the world today, only 4 do not owe others money. The USA alone, has over 12 trillion of this debt, as of January 2009. (god knows what it is now!) A study authorised by the treasury found that in order to keep servicing the debt at its current rate of growth, by the year 2013 income tax would need to be 65% of one's income. Money, cannot be added into the economy by way of quantitative easing, (printing money out of thin air) or any other similar way indefinitely, for the debt and inflation caused by the expansion will overcome the growth benefits. We are truly heading towards a doomsday crash!

In essence, the whole world is bankrupt! But it's ok, because as my old mum used to say, "if you owe the bank a thousand pound you're in trouble. If you owe them a million, they're in trouble!" But you can always rely on Governments around the world to rescue us from this disaster....the disaster that they, along with their buddies, the Banks and Corporations, created, but we will have to suffer to put right!

Governments will never solve the debt problem for a number of reasons, here, I give you just two.

1. It can never be solved using the current systems.

2. It's not profitable to solve it!....yet!

Now just before I ask you the question, are you really, really sure you are looking for "change"? Well, I think you are. I think most of us are looking for something different, and it's long overdue! I'm not sure you're ready for this sort of change. I am sure, you will let me know! Ok, time for the question.

Do we really need politicians?

Don't go mad now!

Remember Albert's quote!

Well I am willing to consider far reaching alternatives, that will require, creativity, critical thinking, oh, and hard work, are you?

We know that our banking system, and our economy is one giant pyramid scam. There is more debt than money in the world, and as more money comes into existence by way of loans with interest attached, more debt is created so it can never be paid back. The economy has to encourage "cyclical consumption" where products and services continually breakdown to fund the economy, for if it didn't the whole system would break down. So regardless of the technological advances we make, we only use them to make more products that will still breakdown, so we can replace them with newer products that will still breakdown, so that we can replace with.......blah blah blah, never taking into consideration quality and waste.

Let's not forget that the central banking systems of the world, work to control the economy for the benefit of their corporate buddies and establishment power! That's right, the Government doesn't really run the country.

On top of this, politicians can never solve the problems of our world today because they are not technicians within the areas of expertise where our problems exist. One minute they are minister of transport and the next they are minister of finance!

Who made them experts in these fields anyhow? Are we insane to let these individuals run our country for us! In fact when you look at the profile of a Sociopath:- glibness and superficial charm, grandiose sense of self, pathological lying, lack of remorse, shame or guilt, shallow emotions, irresponsibility/unreliability, lack of realistic life plan/parasitic lifestyle, criminal or entrepreneurial versatility, and last but not least...poor behavioural controls/impulsive nature - you would have to conclude our country IS run by madmen!

Why then, do we employ them, to employ experts, to solve our problems? And another problem with this system, is of course corruption! And for once, I'm not talking about expenses! Our local councils for instance have to spend their budgets ever year, regardless of whether they need to or not, to maintain the same level of funding for the following year (I personally have proof of this!) Just like our scientists that are Government funded, they try to please the current policy, so they stay in a job of work. (The Global Warming Fraud, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/03/24/climategate_oxburgh_globe/)

Corruption is everywhere in our political and social system. Politicians never for instance look at the root causes of the problems in the first place. Crime for instance. This Government has created almost 1 new criminal offence for everyday it has been in office, well over 3000 new offences and I hear all the time, "Let's build more prisons". This is systemic around the world.

California, since 1984, has built 1 new school and 20 prisons! Well, I say NO MORE LAWS and NO MORE PRISONS! Instead, let's look at the reasons that crime is being committed in the first place.

Expert analysis tells me that "Social Stratification" is the main cause of crime. Our social and economical systems, guarantee this stratification! What I don't need is some "poncy" politician telling me that! I'll stick with the uncorrupted expert, thank you! (Not that politicians are telling me that anyhow because they ain't really interested in changing things for the better).

So, what would our country be like, if instead of employing politicians, we employed technical experts, in their specific fields, to run specific areas of our society? For instance, what would our education system be like if we employed expert academics? Would it be limited to the crappy narrow minded national curriculum? Or would our children have a broad knowledge of many subjects? I would do away with student fees in a heartbeat also.

A friend of mine who is a law student, is currently £33,000 in debt! A recent article in the Telegraph reported forty per cent of female students would be willing to pose topless to finance their studies...Great!...oh sorry....got carried away there for a moment!

But really, this is just another negative by product of what our social systems have produced, because our Government has turned everything into a run for profit, competitive business. Of course this is what our Government wants, and what we have been brainwashed to believe is correct and the best way for us. And it is, if you would rather live in a world where every one of us is fighting tooth and nail against each other to scrape a living, and rip off the first person we can. Sorry, but I believe in co-operation of the human species, rather than the competitive fighting we have today.

In nature, where there is abundance, animals live in harmony with their surroundings. I remember Gordon Brown telling us "If you're going to take something out of society it's only fair if you put something back in". What a load of B*****KS! How about giving all our children the very best education and technology we can. Outside of the competitive playground he works in, and forces all of us to work in, our well educated children would then go on to make our world a better place for us all!

We really don't need monetary gain to improve our lifestyles. In fact it has been proven to be detrimental in solving problems.....Don't believe me? Have a look at this! It will really open your eyes!


So, following on, what if we employed medical people for our NHS, would it be run efficiently, without the stranglehold that Government enforces?...You can see where I am going with this....so I'll stop here. Ask yourself what have politicians ever done to solve the problems of our country or our world? They will give you the party line of course, just like Gordo did yesterday in Gordo's Gaffe....."we have improved the health care of this country, we have improved education in this country"......STOP!....sorry...more B**.....oh, perhaps I shouldn't say that again!

Now listen, I'm no naive liberal, trying to build a utopian society or anything like that. I used to be a staunch Thatcherite years ago! (ok, I'm sorry!) I used to believe in this fake democracy and our fake economic and social systems. Now, I believe that politics is outdated, just like our social systems are. We have to look and consider other alternatives.

The world is going belly up! Big time! Authoritarian Governments want more and more control. There will be more and more war, more and more poverty, (Even you, Mr & Mrs Middle and Upper Middle Class are going to be hit by it!). Already less and less children are going to private schools. More hatred and more suspicion, as our Government tries to get us to distrust and spy on each other.

Have you heard the latest "Anti terror hotline advert on radio? "If you suspect it, report it", giving you scenarios of what your neighbours MIGHT be up to! That's to keep you in "fear" and make you believe in the fake war on terror!

If we don't seriously start to look at alternatives to what we have now, when you look to the future, what do you see for your children? I see disaster! Disaster on a major scale! The problem is that the politicians won't bring change. They are not there to do so. They are there to keep the status quo. But that's ok, because there are only 646 of them. There's a good few million of us.

The real question is......can you be bothered? Because you may have a job (Definition: Just Over Broke). You may be financially ok at the moment. And with the drip drip of the current system, you don't see anything happening fast. Well, a friend of mine said to me that it will probably take a serious crash of the system to wake people up and make them realise. I hope that it doesn't, because many people will suffer, and I don't want to see that.

I also don't believe that we will have a serious crash of the system. The powers that be, will ensure that it ticks along with just enough juice so they can slowly take your liberties, slowly take your money, slowly take your property, until you don't have much left at all. And when you die, they will tax your relatives!

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. That's all that's ever happened, and unless we can be bothered, it's all that ever will.

I recently saw this from an alternative PPC...

Situation 1 Greece, crippled by its own Governments spending and a welfare state that allows pensions of 95% of last earnings and a retirement age of 61 runs out of other people's money. No money to pay the wages of the huge public sector, no more money to bribe the electorate with, begs Germany to pay its bills for it as it is now "part of the Eurozone" and can rely on others to cover its debts. Germans, who work hard and retire at 67 say "get stuffed, pay your own bills" Result = Greeks Riot. Athens in flames.

Situation 2 Angela Merkel, facing elections in Germany on May 9th, is told by the unelected and unaccountable EU commission to spend 8 BILLION Euros of German taxpayers money bailing out "lazy"

Greeks so that the Eurozone remains intact. Result = Germans riot, Berlin in flames, German Govt falls at election, anti EU parties elected.

Situation 3 Germans tell Greeks to "Get Stuffed", Greece withdraws from the Eurozone, devalues the Drachma, slashes public spending and elects a sensible government. Result = Greeks riot, Athens in flames. Eurozone falls apart, Spain and Portugal do the same. Brussels in flames.

Interesting times. With thanks to OH for this.

And he's not half wrong you know!

You, my friends must make up your own mind.