In my recent, and in some previous blogs I have asserted that theism makes more scientific sense than does atheism. The following is an extract from a book that I have been working on for some time. If anyone can prove to me (by scientific facts and rational argument) that I am wrong then I would be delighted.

Philosophers of (very) old and scientists ever since have identified that the world, even the universe, is governed by an incredible array of natural laws – laws of gravity, laws of motion and reaction, chemical and physical laws, laws of cause and effect. It would appear that these laws came into existence with the Big Bang itself because all that happened post the bang indicate that all these laws were in operation.

It is the realisation of this that has led many philosophers and scientists to formulate the concept of Intelligent Design. These, most profound minds, state that the universe operates on a vast, complex and totally interwoven set of laws and principles, and this basic fact is a clear indication that the whole thing was designed by the highest (unimaginable) level of intelligence. They argue that had these laws not been in place then the Big Bang could only have produced chaos not the introduction of any form of evolution or development.

It is these minds that have produced what appears to be the ultimate challenge to atheist Evolutionists who claim that it all STARTED with and from the Big Bang. Creationists are (nearly) all agreed that the formation of the universe, and inbuilt systems of evolution, started to build from the big bang but, they ask, what actually caused the big bang. “You yourselves have defined that matter can not be created or destroyed only altered in form – so where did the matter and the energy come from that gave us the big bang. Yes we know that dust clouds can spontaneously explode, but where did the dust come from in the first place?”

Some go on to refer to Einstein’s e = m.c2 (where e = the energy involved, m = the mass of material that makes up the universe, and c = the speed of light (squared)) Put into its most confrontational form, Science can not explain the Big Bang (or what happened before it), although now it does not do too badly with what happened after the event.

There are hundreds of complex, immutable, and interlocking “laws” that govern the operation of the universe and all that is within it and it is scientifically and conceivably impossible that these should have simply evolved in the instance of the big bang. They are clearly the product of the guiding hand of a supreme deity, and of a supreme intelligence.

That is the best hypothesis to a scientifically unanswerable problem.