RESIDENTS of a quiet Worcestershire village might be forgiven for remarking, "Hello, that's a cello!" on several occasions next month.

In fact, the village hall will be the focus for a mass gathering of cello players, mainly amateurs, over two weekends this July.

And the outcome will be a fund-raising concert in the hall, for St Michael's Hospice, in the autumn.

Professional cellist and teacher Joanne Jefferis said of the mass rehearsals: "During the weekends of July 1 to July 2 and July 15 and July 6, the residents of Little Witley may hear the unusual and beautiful sound of the cello drifting through the local area.

"A large group of adult cellists will be gathering at Little Witley Village Hall to rehearse some beautiful music arranged just for a cello ensemble."

She added: "The cello is becoming an increasingly popular instrument for people who are choosing to learn an instrument later in life."

Most of the cellists taking part will be amateurs, and work to be rehearsed will range from the Renaissance and through to the Baroque and Classical periods, for what Joanne called a musical "journey through time".

A total of 25 cellists have signed up, and there are spaces for one or two more.

For further information, contact Joanne Jefferis on 01299 403508 or email