AS THE title suggests, this show was packed full of Elvis Presley hits, but it fell short.

The storyline is terribly weak, with everyone being in love with someone, and most of them changing their minds by the end. That's it - briefly.

However, some superb renditions of those old hits made this a very entertaining and enjoyable evening.

The enthusiasm of the youngsters never fails, and there are some very good singers.

The outstanding performance of the show came from Dan Richards, who is portrayal of the roustabout, Chad, can only be described as magnificent. He is so talented and oozes such confidence that it would be easy to forget he is still a youngster.

Ellisha Green was excellent as Natalie, her version of 'Fools fall in love' being one of the musical highlights, and Josh Hayward shone as Dennis, who was shy, awkward and totally lacking in self-confidence, and there was the usual reliable performance from Jess Richards, and Chloe Wilson and Hannah Kearns added to the entertainment. I have to comment on Liam Shaw as Earl, who was under Matilda's thumb and couldn't get a word in edgeways until almost the end of the show when he completely stole the scene by standing up to her.

Played by Lizzie Butcher, Matilda gave a great rendition of 'Devil in Disguise'. As usual, some of the male roles were played by girls-that always seems to be a shortage of lads, but Lily Orchard and Jessica Brett coped admirably and the back-up chorus played their parts well.

There was a scene with statues in and I was very impressed that the girls are playing the statues did not move a muscle, until they joined in the dance, and the end of the first half was tremendous, the cast not only singing but also using sign language to 'I can't help falling in love'

If I have one criticism it is that surely someone could have given Evan Mancrief some trousers that were not 10 sizes too big. I felt so sorry for the poor little chap as he struggled not to trip over them. He deserves a mention just for carrying on and delivering his lines. All in all, another triumph for KODYS, and The kids are a delight, but the show itself was not such a good choice.