A hugely appreciative audience led by the Deputy Lady Mayoress packed Kidderminster Town Hall and were delighted by the M&M Dance Company’s production of Alice in Wonderland.

After a potentially devastating break-in at the studio last year the Principal Kerry Morris has emerged stronger than ever.

With a cast of over sixty ranging between 3 and 16 years of age, the audience were captivated by Alice’s (Nicole Tanser-Voets) journey through a series of dance and music vignettes.

We met the effervescent and very bendy White Rabbit (Alesha Spiers) the springy Cheshire Cat (Niamh Hawkes), spaced out Caterpillar (Katy-Megan Sharp), the maddest of Hatters (Bethany Stanton), Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum (Georgia Little, Sian Cox), Doormouse (Olivia O’Sullivan) , March Hare (Isabelle Jarvis) and of course the terrifying Red Queen (Sian Cox).

The adaptation (Danielle Lefevre)and the original choreography (Kerry Morris and Kirsty Houghton) highlighted the dance and acrobatic skills of the students.

The ensemble numbers incorporating the younger performers as a street company, flowers, daisies and soldiers were enchanting.

The benefits of children having performance opportunities such as this and the consequent development of self-confidence cannot be underestimated especially in these times were the arts are being marginalised in our schools. Well done to all concerned.

The Town Crier. July 2015