POPULAR singer songwriter Ed Sheeran has burst back onto the music scene with his latest album, Divide. 

Shortly after his third offering was released, it appeared that nine tracks from the new album were in the top ten singles chart, including the number one smash hit, Shape of You.

And it is fair to say, after Divide went straight in at number one in the album charts, the British music lovers have not fallen out of love with Sheeran or his music. 

Ed has the knack for a catchy melody and also lyrics from the heart and his own personal experiences, which makes some of the tracks even more relatable. 

The two lead tracks - Shape of You and Castle on the Hill - which he surprised fans with earlier this year, couldn't be any more different to each other. Shape of You shows a more experimental dance track - which dominated the charts. While Castle on the Hill takes you back to him growing up in his home town of Suffolk and his memories of where he grew up and his friends. 

Fans of his ballads, will love How Would You Feel - piano-led and a beautiful guitar solo. But then he hits you with a totally different vibe, with the track Barcelona, which could make you feel like you've made that trip to Spain for those few short minutes.

For me, a personal favourite, is Supermarket Flowers, a song that will resonate with anyone who has lost a loved one. 

Fans of Ed Sheeran and his two previous albums are going to love this new album, and he may pick up some new fans along the way. But it is safe to say, 2017 could be the year for Ed Sheeran.