AFTER last year’s wonderful production of West Side Story, this was a disappointment as there is very little story and only a few of the songs are noteworthy.

I would point out that hearing comments from other members of the audience as I left the auditorium, this was their view too.

I also feel there should have a warning that this show is unsuitable for pre-teens, as there is much sexual content.

Telling of a group of teenage wannabees at NYC High School of Performing Arts, the show is rather disjointed, telling snippets of the students’ lives, and jumping from scene to scene and timeline so that it was at times difficult to follow.

However, there were some outstanding performances.

As always, Kathryn Painter was superb, her solo of Let’s Play A Love Scene a highlight, and Sadie Owen as the tortured Carmen gave an amazing performance.

Sam Beadsworth, in what I believe was his first major role, was very impressive, as was the ever-reliable Dan Richards.

These Are My Children, as sung by director/choreographer Jane Bennett, is a beautiful song and she delivered it to perfection.

There was a tremendous Spanish dance routine, where the artistes showed immaculate timing. But my favourite routine of all was Bring On Tomorrow, featuring the entire cast, both singing and dancing – truly memorable.

The cast were enthusiastic and could not be faulted but it was a pity to waste such talented performers with such a poor script. I look forward to seeing what Limelight gives us next year. VJS