WHEN I walked into Lisa Shepherd’s salon in Kidderminster, I knew it was very different to every other salon I had visited.

I find hair salons an overwhelming and daunting place, with loud music, bright lights and a busy atmosphere – plus I am a hairdresser’s worst nightmare, as I never want too much of a change and wince at the thought of too much being chopped off my ends.

But following a terrifying illness, award-winning stylist Lisa was prompted to transform her Mill Street salon into a low-sensory salon.

Her career was nearly cut short when she suffered a Tonic-Clonic seizure that affected her brain and left her physically unable to work in her own salon.

But she has used her frightening experience to radically transform the salon – gone are the bright lights, white walls and loud music, replaced with low-voltage lighting, muted grey walls and quiet meditative sounds – you feel like you’re at a relaxing spa, more so than an award-winning hair salon in the town centre.

When I first arrived I was greeted by one of the salon’s stylists and taken over to a comfy sofa to await my appointment with Lisa. I was offered refreshments which included decaf, herbal teas, peppermint, juices and water, while I sat and waited in their stylish waiting area.

I was taken to Lisa’s working station, where a candle burned on the side, and was immediately warmed to Lisa’s friendly and bubbly manner – which relaxed a nervous, salon novice like me. We spoke about her transformations of the salon and how she and her stylists now worked differently – and then came the nitty gritty – what I wanted done to my hair.

When it comes to my hair, I can’t handle big change – and it took me four years to brave the chop from waist length hair to shoulder length. I told Lisa I wanted a couple of inches off the overall length of my hair, into a more ‘lob’ style to give it a refresh – but then I left the rest to Lisa. She advised to keep it slightly longer towards the front, and shorter at the back, to make it more manageable for myself on a daily basis.

Lisa then assessed my hair and said it was slightly static but this could be as I don’t dye my hair (unfortunately allergic!). She then explained that her assistant would shampoo and condition my hair, then applying a treatment to my hair and carrying out an Ayurvedic massage.

I was asked if I wanted ear plugs and an eye-mask to relax me further. The head massage was so very relaxing – and I even felt like it cleared my headache from earlier on in the day. The addition of the eyemask, plus the quiet meditative sounds in the background made me feel like I was at a relaxing day spa. I ended feeling relaxed and refreshed – and I wasn’t even half way through my appointment.

Lisa talked me through the cut and asking if the length was right. I was surprised how speedy and quick she achieved the look I wanted – and more. She then styled my hair with the hairdryer as we discussed, creating a bit of volume and movement with my hair. She then ran the straighteners over my hair, just to give it a smoother feel.

My hair looked amazing and I was so happy with it how it looked when I left the salon. I received many compliments from friends, family and colleagues afterwards – which made me even more pleased with it.

Kidderminster Shuttle:

Kidderminster Shuttle:

(Before and after shots)

The finish is great and my hair has been left feeling soft, clean and healthy – even one week on. I’ve been trying to keep on top of my hair since my visit and have been paying more attention to styling it, to keep that salon-ready look.

I will be returning to the Lisa Shepherd Salon again. The service was great, everyone was so friendly - particularly Lisa - and I left feeling very happy with my hair.

Lisa Shepherd's salon is located in Mill Street, Kidderminster.

For more information, visit lisashepherd.co.uk.