ROCK titans Iron Maiden returned to the home of Metal to electrify legions of fans as they brought their most spectacular tour to date to the Genting Arena, Birmingham (August 7).

The Legacy of the Beast show transported metalheads and music fans to the theatrical world of Maiden, taking the audience through the band’s musical history with a set full of hits, and peppered with rarities.

Warming the crowd up to hard rock anthem Doctor Doctor by UFO, and the defiant words of Churchill, the mighty Maiden burst onto the stage with a fiery rendition of fan favourite Aces High, accompanied by a near life-size spitfire suspended above them.

The special date also marked leader singer Bruce Dickinson’s 60th birthday, which was met with roars of celebratory singing from the crowd after one of his usual speeches.

A set highlight was the band's performance of seminal track The Trooper, which saw Dickinson fight off a giant reincarnation of band mascot Eddie, wearing a redcoat and brandishing a sword, in an exciting display of rock theatre.

The band gave new life to their cult classics after performing a spell-binding rendition of William Wallace inspired song The Clansman, as well as an eerily brilliant version of Fear of the Dark.

An enormous inflatable winged creature loomed behind the stage as the band gave an explosive performance of The Flight of Icarus, with Dickinson at the height of his powers as a rock vocalist.

Towards the end of their set, the band turned up the heat for a finale of some of their best-known classics, bringing hell on earth to the stage for the face melting The Number of the Beast.

The band returned to the stage for an encore, after fans erupted with passionate chants for the metal giants.

They returned to delight the audience with key songs The Evil That Men Do, Hallowed Be Thy Name, and ended their retrospective journey with signature anthem Run to the Hills - where fans sung their hearts out.

Alongside the band’s impressive production, the energy that Iron Maiden displayed on the Birmingham stage proved that they still have the power to amaze their loyal fans and make a longstanding impression on anyone who witnesses them live.