INDIE pop princes The 1975 proved that they are one of the most important British bands today after an inspired performance at the Birmingham Arena last night (January 23).

The Manchester band thrilled audiences with an eclectic set, electrifying the packed arena with songs from their latest acclaimed album, 'A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships,' and earlier fan favourites.

The band brought an ambitious stage production with them, complete with revolving rectangular frames, a stage long treadmill, and an opening back wall - which showed the group raising their live show game.

Lead vocalist Matty Healy was instantly in his element as he took the stage, connecting with legion of fans through energetic performances of new tracks 'Give Yourself a Try' and 'Tootimetootimetootime.'

He seemed to relish in the sound of their latest release, exploding into freestyle dancing with a beaming smile, which filled the arena with a sense of joy and life.

The band were accompanied by two dancers, who provided their own rhythm to the group's new RnB and hip hop inspired tracks.

Day one fans of the band were not disappointed as they made sure material from their first and second albums were covered, a highlight being an emotional performance of 'Robbers,' where Matty dedicated the track to the devoted crowd.

Another highlight was the group's powerful performance of the politically charged track ‘Love It If We Made It,’ which saw a flashing reel of stock news footage hypnotise the audience from the screens.

The band concluded their set with hits 'Chocolate' and 'The Sound,' which got the crowd jumping and shouting one last time before an enormous final sing-along to their debut single 'Sex.'

The 1975 showed that they are at the peak of their powers, with an impressive show that was sure to keep current fans in love with the band, and amaze and excite those who are new to the party.