Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton looks a picture as she is turned into a Renaissance beauty for National Vegetarian Week.

The 29-year-old became the canvas for a body artist - who painted fruit and veg on to her skin - as she then became part of a tableau.

Chantelle, who has been a veggie since the age of 11, posed at London restaurant Tibits to mark vegetarian week, which began on Monday. She aims to encourage more people to turn their back on meat.

She said she made the decision to go vegetarian after watching a documentary about meat production methods.

"Being that young, completely impressionable, it just totally put me off meat," she said.

"I'm passionate about vegetarianism, especially animal welfare. It's a massive part of my life - it's my whole diet."

But the mother-of-one said she is not raising daughter Dolly as a vegetarian but would leave it her to make her own ethical decisions.

"That's her choice so I would never take that away from her," said Chantelle, who has also worked with animal campaigners Peta over the years.

Vegetarian restaurant Tibits, off Regent Street, opened five years ago, growing from a family firm in Switzerland. It has been visited by stars such as Leona Lewis and Sir Ian McKellen.