A FILM starring a former Coronation Street star is making progress, despite a challenging first shoot.

Prestatyn-based production company Canned Media is gearing up for the second stage of shooting of Grandpa God, starring Bruce Jones.

Jones is best known for having-played Les Battersby for more than 10 years in the famous ITV soap.

The plan is for the film to get its debut screening at the Wicked Film Festival this September.

The first stage of filming took place over three days at the Blue Lion Inn in Cwm, near Dyserth amid Storm Georgina, which resulted in a power cut.

Lee Howard, director of Canned Media, said: “We were due to start filming at 8am and as I was picking up Bruce, I had a call to tell me that ‘the village is in darkness, the pub is in darkness and the lights won’t be back on on until 2pm’.

“It was just one of those days where everything went wrong. The company van also broke down on the way to the shoot. But we decided to keep shooting rather than just sit in the dark.”

The film marks a new departure for Canned Media, which is giving inexperienced film-makers an opportunity.

Prestatyn’s Adam Dawson, 20, is directing Grandpa God alongside Abergele screenwriter Addie Davies, 20, with Lucy Connah in the lead role.

Lee said: “We want to give young filmmakers and actors real experience working to deadlines with actors and under the pressure.

“It definitely threw them slightly when things didn’t go to plan, so it was the perfect opportunity for them. They adapted really quickly and they’’re doing really well.”

The team are currently in the process off pre-planning for the next stage of filming, due to shoot on location at the Quarryman’s hospital in Llanberis and in lakes throughout Snowdonia next month.

Lee added: “If you can’t get the light to work or your van to start, imagine how much work goes into filming actors on a boat in the middle of a lake.”

“It’s definitely gathering momentum though, and we’re even speaking to two more young film-makers from Rhyl who want to come on board.”

The film is scheduled for completion in April after a short editing period and final stage of shooting.