A SINGER from Colwyn Bay has lived out one of the greatest moments of her life after progressing through the blind auditions on The Voice.

Tesni Jones' rendition of AC-DC's Highway to Hell caught the attention of judges Jennifer Hudson and Welsh legend Tom Jones, who both turned their chairs wanting the Colwyn Bay singer on their 'team'.

Despite the Welsh connection, the 32 year-old went for Hudson over Sir Tom and is excited about heading into the next round with her team.

She said: "It was really nerve racking. Back stage I had so many mixed emotions going through my mind, I couldn't believe this was going to happen.

"I was so grateful to even have the opportunity to take part so I just went out there and thought whatever happens, happens.

"The once that riff kicks in, it's really hard to think about that (the judges turning their chairs). The audience was so incredible so it didn't feel like an audition it was like I was on stage doing a gig.

"I was just feeding off the audience and was so caught up I didn't even notice them turn their chairs."

After coming off the stage she met all four judges who all gave positive feedback on her performance.

She also apologised to Sir Tom for not selecting him.

Mrs Jones, who lived in Colwyn Bay until she was seven, said: "All Welsh musicians look up to Sir Tom, so when I came off stage I said I'm so sorry. He was really nice about it and said don't be silly, it's fine you were spectacular.

"Later I got a tweet from him, it's just been amazing, this kind of stuff doesn't happen to me."

From here, she now enters the battle round with her team, where she will fight to stay alive in the competition singing against fellow competitors selected to make it to the next round and coaching from Hudson.

But for now she said she is simply enjoying being around the like of Sir Tom, Hudson, Will.i.am, Ollie Murs and the other competitors.

Mrs Jones said: "It's been amazing to be surrounded with people like me and have the opportunity to put myself out there. It may pay off, it may not."

She is no stranger to the big stage having been a part of Welsh girl group Pheena at the age of 17 before coming a part oif the Holland based group XYP who had five top-10 singles including a number one.

In 2007 she had her son Sean and took a step back from music. But she said music has always been a part of her life and considered herself very lucky to be where she is today.

The Voice will continue this Saturday on ITV at 8.30pm.