FOUR homes have been broken into in Kidderminster over the last couple of days.

The latest two happened in Birmingham Road and Sutton Park Road.

The Birmingham Road break-in happened between 3.15pm and 7.15pm on Wednesday but was not discovered until yesterday morning.

It is believed entry was gained through the front door.

Items stolen included £600 cash, a white Apple iPod Nano and a dark grey Apple iPod Classic.

Also stolen were six rings including a £2,000 ladies white gold ring with champagne diamonds, a £2,500 18ct yellow gold ring and a ladies 18ct yellow gold ring worth £3,200.

The Sutton Park Road burglary happened between 9am and noon yesterday.

Rear patio doors had been forced which caused damage totalling £400.

Items stolen included £800 cash, a gold and single diamond engagement ring worth £1,000 and various items of jewellery.

A man had been seen in a neighbouring garden at about 10.45am in Sutton  Park Road.

These burglaries follow break-ins in Queen Street and Cobden Street on Wednesday.

The Queen Street burglary happened between 4.30pm and 5.10pm when a man climbed over a wall into the rear garden and forced open a kitchen window.

He was disturbed by the occupant, who returned home to find him in her lounge.

He escaped through the window with a Samsung laptop worth £400 and a £340 Advent laptop. 

The Cobden Street burglary happened between 8.15am and 7.10pm.

The offenders gained entry through a bathroom window.

Items stolen included a £200 Sony Vaio computer, an Apple iPod Nano and a Logik docking station worth £120. 

Detective Constable Lloyd Davies of West Mercia Police said: "If neighbours see anything suspicious, such as strangers in back gardens or loitering outside homes, or hear glass breaking or an alarm sounding, it is vital they contact us immediately, preferably with descriptions of potential offenders and any vehicles they are using.

"We would rather check out something that turns out to be a false alarm than to miss the chance of apprehending someone breaking into someone's house.

"Sometimes we get calls about people hanging around outside houses and it turns out they are looking for a lost pet or we are alerted to people climbing over garages with ladders who genuinely are window cleaners. 

"Anyone who rings a suspicious incident into the police with good intent need not worry about wasting our time, and with Christmas approaching and people likely to be out more or going away for a few days we urge everyone to be good neighbours and keep an eye on each other's homes.

"It is also imperative that people who are unfortunate enough to disturb a burglar in their home contacts us immediately on 999.

"We know they will be very shaken and their first instinct may be to phone a friend or relative or make a cup of tea but phoning us right away gives us the best chance of catching the offender before they leave the area."

Witnesses or anyone with information about any of the Kidderminster burglaries are asked to contact DC Davies on the non-emergency number 101, or ring the Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.