NEARLY 100 residents packed out a planning meeting held by Stone Parish Council to discuss a proposed site for travelling show people in Shenstone.

The considered site, in Heath Lane, would have eight residential caravans, 10 touring caravans and one static caravan, as well as storage for equipment andvehicles.

The meeting took place at Stone Manor Hotel on Tuesday where residents and business owners attended to express their concerns.

The planning permission is being applied for by Neil Jennings, whose family has a long history as travelling show people, providing fairground rides and stalls at events throughout the district.

Parish councillors voted against the proposals with Councillor Roger Hobson abstaining due to the fact he had known the Jennings family for more than 40 years.

Chairman James Arbuthnott said: “The parish council do not decide on the proposals – we just give a recommendation to Wyre Forest District Council.”

Mr Arbuthnott also told the meeting that there had been 74 written objections made to planning officers.

A number of residents spoke at the meeting to highlight the problems they saw with the site.

The main issue raised at the meeting was traffic and access.

The site, next to the Madinatul Uloom AlIslamiya School, is in a network of country lanes and residents voiced their concerns that the roads were unsuitable for HGVs.

Richard Fletcher, owner of the Granary Hotel in Heath Lane, said: “A longer than normal coach had extreme difficulty getting in and out of the lane, so if it was going to be like that for this coach, I hate to think what it would be like for HGVs.”

Residents also expressed concern that the site was green belt land.

Mr Fletcher said: “With the hotel, any attempt at increasing capacity would be turned down - there’s no exception to green belt.”

He is also concerned about its proximity to the Islamic school.

He said: “I’m in favour of diversity but I do see a clash of cultures that is quite unnecessary.

We’ve had very good relationships with the college – I want that to continue.”

Wyre Forest District Council will discuss the proposals at a planning meeting on Tuesday, April 9.