A RETIRED Rock parish councillor has been honoured for 36 years of service to the village.

John Nott was presented with a pocket watch and certificate of appreciation by Worcestershire County Council chairman Rob Adams for his hard work and dedication over the years.

The 79-year-old, who was first elected to Rock Parish Council in 1976, stepped down last year due to ill health.

Mr Nott said: “I was very honoured to receive the beautifully inscribed watch and a certificate of thanks for my small contribution to the good people of Rock parish.”

He added he did not want to retire as he had enjoyed his time as a parish councillor.

“I was reluctant,” he said. “I have so much enjoyed being in the parish council.

“Due to my ill health, I felt I couldn’t do the job that I would like any more and I stood down to perhaps lead the way for a younger person to come along.

“I set out to put something back into the parish because I have lived and worked here all of my life and it’s a lovely place to be.”

Mr Nott, who owns two farms in Rock – The Hill Farm and Gorst Hill Farm, said he missed being a councillor.

“I miss meeting up with members,” he added.

“It’s been a medium all along for me to keep in touch with all the groups in the parish.

“I have very much enjoyed my time as parish councillor. I’ve always felt it was quite an honour to be a member of the parish council.