I’m not a fan of rhythm games (except for the Guitar Hero games) and I don’t get the fun of tapping a button to a music soundtrack however some games like the Bit.Trip Runner series converts this genre into a cross platformer game.
Another of this kind of game is XYLA Entertainments Rush Bros which is a 2D platformer that incorporates music into each level. It’s not the best indie game I’ve played but some fun can be found especially when utilizing Rush Bros’ main attraction, but more on the later.
Rush Bros puts players in control of one of the Rush Bros or if you have a friend, both players can play a Rush Brother each in split screen. The players then have to traverse and navigate through 30 unique levels altered by the games pumping soundtrack to reach the end.
Each and every level is different and more difficult as obstacles such as lasers are introduced to make things that little bit harder. Split screen multiplayer adds a lot of tension to the game as the competition gets ramped up and a hell of a lot more enjoyable.  Players use the A and D keys to run left or right, space bar is jump and the S key is slide, Rush Bros also has a double jump feature and a wall clinging ability similar to the old classic Ninja Gaiden games.
As we approach the next generation of gaming, the gameplay of Rush Bros feels very primitive but that is not what Rush Bros is trying to demonstrate.
The main real attraction to Rush Bros is the ability to play your own MP3 songs which cleverly affects the layout and feel of each level. This feature isn’t really ground breaking but it puts an interesting twist on an otherwise generic run and jump game.
Unfortunately though, Rush Bros’ charm soon wears off the longer you play when you’ve realised you’ve seen everything. Levels do become more complex and challenging but thankfully your character jumps similar to Super Meat Boy, by this I mean you can still control your character in mid-air which keeps the action fast and frantic without ever slowing down. Sliding enables your Rush Bro (?) to avoid low obstacles and walls but doesn’t really have any other use. As expected once I played Rush Bros boredom soon set in a fair few levels in.
The biggest charm of Rush Bros is its visuals, neon colours pump through each stage in time with whatever music is playing making superb use of entrancing bold colours and playing Rush Bros made me feel like I was participating in a rave.
The Rush Bros themselves look like little 2D neon DJs with their cool shades and wacky hair doos giving them some form of attitude and when they are running fast, a coloured stream of colour is left behind giving the illusion that they are running faster than what we can see. Backgrounds are nicely designed and differ every level giving each one their own particular feel. I was very impressed with the graphics if a little bit old school however the animations are mediocre at best.
XYLA Entertainment delivers a fun music orientated platforming game that incorporates any MP3 file into each level. Rush Bros visuals impress somewhat as well as its fast and frantic gameplay however play for an extended period of time will make things boring quickly however pick up and play is ideal. Nicely designed levels and cool backdrops add to its charm.
• Rush Bros
• Developer: XYLA Entertainment
• Publisher: XYLA Entertainment
• PC
• Mac
• Genre: Platformer
• Release Date: 31st May 2013
• Story – 3/5
• Gameplay – 4/5
• Graphics – 4/5
• Overall – 4/5

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