A RADIO DJ who has a place in the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame has died, aged 70.

Leon Tipler died on Sunday, June 9 and his funeral took place at Baxter United Reformed Church, Kidderminster, on Monday.

Mr Tipler was born in Kidderminster and first hit the airwaves on pirate radio station Radio City and moved to North Yorkshire-based pirate station Radio 270.

During 1974, Mr Tipler broadcast a show he recorded at home called The Nightmare Affair on Belgian-owned Radio Atlantis.

Since then, he worked as a commercial producer and voiceover artist on Sunshine 855 in Shropshire and Radio Maldwyn in Wales.

Austin Powell, programme controller at Sunshine 855 and later managing director at Radio Maldwyn, said: “He was a lovely man, knowledgeable about music and always produced and presented the most entertaining programmes.

“He was something of a legend among fans of radio from the pirates of the 60s to the present day and rightly so. There weren’t as many people as talented and professional as Leon.”