A RARE maritime communications receiver is the latest addition to the Military Wireless Museum in Kidderminster.

The radio was one of just 200 made by Birmingham-based manufacturer Eddystone Radio Company for the International Marconi Company in 1952.

The model was used on the Queen Mary luxury liner during voyages in the 1950s as well as on Cunard liners and other passenger and cargo ships in the 1950s and 60s.

Ben Nock, owner and curator of the museum, said: “Eddystone, Marconi and the likes of the Queen liners evoke a bygone age of luxury and a time when designers and engineers had great pride in their work.

“This receiver, of which only 200 were made, is a fine example of British engineering and the role that played in world trade.”

An example of the receiver still sits in the radio room on board the Hotel Queen Mary in Long Beach, in California.

The set is available to view at the Military Wireless Museum, in Oakfield Road, by arrangement with Ben Nock on 01562 743253 or by email at enquiry@radiomuseum.plus.com