A LIFE-size model of a peacock is being installed in the grounds of a Worcestershire school as a “friend” to the site’s pet peacock and as a leaving gift by pupils.

The sculpted creature was presented to the headmaster of Abberley Hall School in Great Witley.

The specially-commissioned model was a leavers’ present to mark the end of the school year and will sit in the school grounds, with each “eye” of the peacock having the name of one of the 45 leavers inscribed on it.

“It is a commemorative gift for headmaster John Walker but also a ‘friend' for Basil, our real peacock at Abberley Hall, who struts around the grounds and often flirts with himself in the large windows of the school,“ said registrar Gill Portsmouth.

“Now he has a companion.”

Made of galvanised steel, the sculpture was designed by Worcestershire artist George Webb and took a month to create.