A KIDDERMINSTER recruitment firm has successfully opposed a compensation claim by a Polish mother in the town who alleged her work stopped after revealing she was three months pregnant.

Anita Piotrowska of Lea Castle Close, Kidderminster, had sought compensation for sex discrimination against the First Personnel Services Plc of Oxford Street, Kidderminster, at Birmingham Employment Tribunal.

She was initially found work by the agency but complained she was eventually told no more jobs were available for her.

One firm, where Mrs Piotrowska had previously worked, experienced a downturn in business and the agency said nothing else was available.

Mrs Piotrowska, disagreed, however, and said she continued to call at the agency looking for work after believing there were vacancies.

“They did not tell me there was no more work for me until I announced I was pregnant, she said. “I was three months pregnant at the time and I believe I was stopped working because I was expecting a baby.

“The plan was said to find me a job where I did not have to lift heavy things.”

The respondents denied Mrs Piotrowska’s allegations and said they did not know she was pregnant.

At one stage of the hearing Mr Iqbal Mohammed, representing the respondents, clashed with Mrs Piotrowska over whether or not she had a full command of the English language.

Mrs Piotrowska told the tribunal she had been taught German in Poland but agreed she could not speak fluent English.

Mr Mohammed accused Mrs Piotrowska of claiming she could not fully understand English to avoid providing answers during his cross examination.

Mr Mohammed said staff could not recall Mrs Piotrowska making the “pregnant announcement” and said there had been no more work.

Tribunal judge Mr Robert Pirini said there had been 55 pages of evidence and described Mrs Piotrowska as a hardworking and reliable worker who regularly visited the recruitment agency looking for work.

“But there has been a conflict of evidence and I believe Mrs Piotrowska has made a mistake in believing she announced when she said she did, that she was pregnant,” he said.

“The respondents said they did not know she was expecting a baby until after she had been told there was no more work. As a result the compensation claim fails.”

Mrs Piotrowska said later that she has a one year old boy.