WEAVING looms at Kidderminster’s carpet museum will “tell visitors their stories” in a series of audio dramatisations of life inside a factory.

From Friday, MP3 players will be available to people visiting the Green Street-based Museum of Carpet as part of its “weaving the town” project.

The programme is being led by Wyre Forest writer and theatre consultant Caroline Jester and director and producer Peter Wild and aims to tell 300 years of carpet-making history through the “eyes” of the machines.

Museum manager Paula Kovacs said: “The combination of walking around and seeing these large Jacquard Wilton and Spool Axminster looms and listening to them telling us their stories within the museum, which used to be a carpet factory, will take the listener on a unique experience.

“We believe the Spool Axminster loom is the only one still working in the country and we have it here in Kidderminster.

“These dramas have been inspired, developed with and owned by the residents of Kidderminster and will be part of the rich legacy of stories waiting to be listened to.”

Mrs Jester added: “In 300 years of history and the birth of a museum there are so many stories, from the weavers to the looms and the masters to the River Stour.

“How do you start to find a narrative thread that weaves all these together to create dramas that resonate today? That was my challenge while immersing myself in material from the museum and the many recorded conversations I’d had.”