PUPILS at a Great Witley school have produced their own organic apple juice - 800 bottles of it.

The children at Abberley Hall School decided to put this year’s large crop of apples from the orchards in the school grounds to good use, working together to collect the fruit to make a batch of organic juice.

They were helped by Simon Abbiss of Herefordshire, who runs a mobile fruit pressing business.

“The boys and girls worked like Trojans and, despite bumps to the head from fallers, managed to build an enormous pile of apples,” said Gill Portsmouth, registrar of the preparatory school, which has around 270 pupils.

“We produced 800 bottles of delicious juice, which made the whole project very satisfying. It can be kept for up to two years so will be enjoyed by pupils and is on sale to parents and any local people who wish to buy it.”