WYRE Forest Vegans and Veggies raised more than £200 in a Kidderminster town centre collection for a national animal protection group Animal Aid.

Communications Officer Ronald Lee said: "We are delighted with the very generous response of people in Kidderminster, who donated a total of £234.94.

"It goes to show that most members of the public are opposed to cruelty to animals and are happy to support animal protection organisations.

"People were also keen to take Animal Aid literature, such as information on how they can help protect animals and vegan and vegetarian recipe booklets.

"Our own group, Wyre Forest Vegans and Veggies, campaigns for animal protection locally, as well as promoting a humane lifestyle and diet free from animal products."

For more information visit animalaid.org.uk or email wyreforestvegansandveggies@gmail.com