RESIDENTS in Bewdley are worried about the rise of anti-social behaviour becoming apparent on Wribbenhall estate.

One resident, who did not want to be named, told The Shuttle there has been an increase in the amount of cars and houses being broken into, as well as an issue of needles being left on the streets.

She said: “Last Tuesday night I phoned the police as there were needles in an alleyway that lots of people walk through.

“The police told me they would send someone out straight away to deal with it.

“It was getting dark and no one had come to remove the needles, so I called the police again, who said removing the needles would be the responsibility of the council.

“Children play in that alleyway and the needles were still there when I went to check on Wednesday morning.

“There was even a needle sticking out of one of the fences – they are just so dangerous.”

The woman said the needles were finally removed by Wednesday afternoon, but she was concerned by the length of time it took as the children who live on the estate were off from school due to the bank holiday.

A spokeswoman for Wyre Forest District Council said: “A message was left by West Mercia Police at 8.53pm on the night of Tuesday May 27.

“As the street scene team do not work over night they did not pick up the message that the job needed to be done until 9:01am on Wednesday morning. The needles were collected at 1:55pm.

“The aim of the street scene team is to carry out the job on the same working day, however it was not possible in this situation as the team do not work throughout the night.”