CLEOBURY Mortimer's MP is backing the Better Together campaign for Scotland to remain a part of the United Kingdom.

Conservative Philip Dunne said: “This matter will be decided by the Scottish people but I am pleased to support the campaign to keep the United Kingdom together.

"I believe the campaign for Scotland to leave the UK has major questions to answer about the future of an independent Scotland, including on vital issues like the economy, Scotland’s place in the international community and its future defence and security.

"An independent Scottish state would lose the benefits of one of the largest defence budgets in the world and an integrated approach to defence that currently protects all parts of the UK. This would include the thousands of jobs that are dependent on UK defence spending in Scotland.

"The costs and complexity of establishing separate defence capabilities for an independent Scottish state would be very significant and have not been fully factored into the Scottish Government’s budget estimates.

"I will continue to campaign in favour of the Union because I firmly believe that both Scotland and the remaining UK is stronger together, more prosperous together and more influential together.”