VISITORS to the Far Forest Countryside Show are being invited to take part in the final day of the world’s largest butterfly survey.

Butterfly Conservation, the wildlife charity that has organised the nationwide Big Butterfly Count, has called on members of the public to help spot species including small tortoiseshells, commas and peacocks at the local event.

Sightings can be recorded with the help of printed identification cards, which will be available at the show, or by using a smartphone app.

Sir David Attenborough, president of Butterfly Conservation, said: “Butterflies fought back last year after a terrible 2012 but despite this their numbers were still below average.

“Three-quarters of the UK’s butterflies are in decline and one-third are in danger of extinction.

“This is bad news for butterflies and it is bad news for the UK’s birds, bees, bats and other wildlife.

“This is because butterflies are a key indicator species of the health of our environment – if they are struggling then many other species are struggling also.

"Every single person taking part in the Big Butterfly Count this summer can produce a statistic that is of real value as their records help build a picture of how butterflies are faring and how we can best conserve them.”

Mike Williams, of the charity’s West Midlands branch, will be on hand at the countryside show to help people participate in the survey.

He said: “This is the perfect opportunity to take part in some final counts.

“We will be running family butterfly hunts around the showground and there will also be a live moth display.”

The Far Forest Countryside Show will take place at Callow Hill, Kidderminster, on Sunday, August 10.

It will feature cookery demonstrations, food stalls, dance performances, medieval battle re-enactments and live music.

There will also wildlife shows galore including ferret racing, falconry displays and sheep dog activities.

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