A WYRE Forest group which is against the culling of badgers has collected hundreds of signatures towards a petition from the Kidderminster public.

Wyre Forest Vegans and Veggies (WFVV) set up its latest street stall outside the town hall to gain support for its cause.

The group is concerned that the culling of badgers is due to restart at any time in Gloucestershire and Somerset and they also have fears it could still take place in Worcestershire.

The signatures will be sent on postcards to the Government’s environment secretary, Elizabeth Truss, asking her to stop the cull.

Ronald Lee, WFVV’s communications officer, said: “Last year about 1,500 badgers were shot in Gloucestershire and Somerset, with many of them reported to have undergone considerable suffering before dying.

“The cull is being carried out under the pretext of preventing bovine TV, but there is overwhelming evidence that it will not do this and could even help to spread the disease.

“In reality, it is just another excuse to kill wildlife by the gun-toting blood sports brigade.”

The group has also petitioned to Wyre Forest District Council, asking them to not allow badgers to be killed on council land should the cull extend to the area.

Me Lee claims the cull is not being carried out for the sake of cows. He said the amount of dairy cows put to death annually in the UK because of bovine TB is less than 10 per cent of the total amount killed.

He added: “All this suffering and slaughter because humans want to drink a product that is really meant for calves.”

For more information about the group call 01562 700043 or email wyreforestvegansandveggies@gmail.com