THE second phase of restoration work has just started on one of Wyre Forest’s oldest buildings.

Work was completed on the first stage of Harvington Hall’s upgrade earlier in the year which featured restoring the 400 year old sandstone lintels around some of the windows.

The current work, which was outlined in its recent quinquennial survey, will see high level inspections of the roofs as well as repairs to sandstone quoins and the clearing of roof gullies.

Famous for its many priests’ hiding places built in the late 15th and early 16th century, the hall’s roofs blend together with valleys going one way then another which purposely confuses the eye.

In order to reach the roofs as part of the renovations, a cherry picker has had to be brought onto the site over the narrow moat bridge.

Intrepid workers from Hamlet Stonemasons have also been working high up above the visiting public.

For more information about the renovations to Harvington Hall or to donate toward the Restoration Trust or to join the Friends of Harvington Hall, call 01562 777846.