Robox - £849.90 from (Available for pre-order from December)

Very much developed with family in mind, this aesthetically-pleasing mini manufacturing centre features parental controls and easy-start software and is the only 3D machine that allows you to select from three different definitions. At this price, it is a considered purchase, but bear in mind it's developed as a modular machine, so when updates arrive, you can simply update your machine and not buy a new one. Genius.

Let's get physical

3D SYSTEMS Cube Sense 3D Scanner - £369.99 from

An incredible piece of kit that lets you scan objects, people and scenes, then recreates them via the smart software into 3D images on-screen. Which is fun enough. But if you have a compatible printer, you can now turn that image into an actual object. It's called physical photography. And it's amazing.

Wireless wonder

CUBIFY Cube 3D Printer - Silver - £1,070 from

A slightly more industrial looking machine with more protruding parts, but that is no bad thing. It produces a superb end-product and can recreate items up to 14x14x14cm in size. Complete with 25 models in the software, it'll get you started and, when you're proficient, you can share your designs with others. Cubify cartridges come in 16 different colours and the machine also benefits from connecting wirelessly to your computer.

Hand held

3Ddoodler - £99.99 from

With this doodler, you can create three-dimensional objects in mid-air and in real time; you draw as if you would with a pen as it slowly extrudes heated plastic filament as you move. This plastic cools rapidly, leaving your creation behind. While you're getting to grips with it, you can start by drawing items on a piece of paper, then piecing them together, but it won't be long before you're freestyling the 3D sculptures.

Space saver

Up! Mini 3D Printer - £558 from

Boasting one of the smallest footprints of the £400-plus 3D printing machines available, this machine still manages decent-sized object reproduction, it just manages it in a more confined space. You can make yourself an iPhone case in around 30 minutes. What else do you need?

Mini me

Asda 3D Printing Selfie - from £60 see

Take yourself along to one of Asda's 3D scanning roadshow sessions and a few weeks later, you'll be the proud owner of an eight-inch version of yourself. The results of your 3D scan are recreated in ceramic and the detail is incredible, from facial features and hair styling, to the position of your legs and arms, right down to the near matching of the hues of your clothes. Amazingly clever or slightly creepy? You decide.

App of the Week

Thingiverse - free on iTunes and Google Play

The 3D printing community are a very active lot and if you have a machine, or you just want to see what can be done, then have this app to hand. Hundreds upon hundreds of ideas and inspiration for your 3D creations. A fascinating place to visit.

Top 10 Paid Apps

1. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

2. The Chase

3. Tipping Point

4. Terraria

5. Five Nights at Freddys

6. Nav for Google Maps

7. Plants vs. Zombies

8. Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death

9. Sky Block - Mini Survival Game

10. Rainbow Loom Designer

Top 10 Free apps

1. The Secret Society - Hidden Mystery

2. Angry Birds Stella

3. Candy Blast Mania

4. Prime Instant Video

5. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

6. Elements War

7. Follow the Line

8. Candy Crush Saga

9. Farm Heroes Saga

10. BBC iPlayer

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