EIGHT former employees of a Kidderminster firm have been told they can go ahead with legal claims worth many thousands of pounds after losing their jobs.

They had been employed by MAK Services (2007) Ltd of Foley Business Park, Stourport Road, Kidderminster.

The firm is an electrical company and is said to have Premier Inns, Travelodge, Costa Coffee and Staples among its customers.

The former employees applied at a Birmingham Employment Tribunal preliminary hearing for approval to go ahead with legal claims for redundancy pay, protective awards and unpaid wages at a full tribunal hearing at a later date.

Tribunal judge Mr Bryn Lloyd said the full hearing could proceed and that two other firms, apart, from the Kidderminster firm, would also face the legal claims.

This is because of an alleged take over involving MAK Services.

Miss Nuala Toner, representing the eight claimants, said after the hearing that MAK Services would be the first respondents at the full hearing, DPP Ltd would be the second respondent and PEI Delta Ltd the third.

“What has to be decided at the full hearing is whether there has been a take over and by whom, and who is actually responsible for the pay outs,” said Miss Toner.

“MAK Services is still trading and some of the former employees were electrical engineers.

“The former employees complain they did not receive redundancy pay and were not kept informed about what was happening which is why they are claiming protective awards.”

Employees who lose their jobs without prior consultation can claim up to 90 days pay under the Trade Union and Labour Relations protective awards Act – depending on the number of former workers involved.

The Government has imposed a limit of just over £400 on the weekly pay claim.

Miss Toner admitted, however, that the protective awards and package claims could involve many thousands of pounds.

Mr Jack Elliott, an electrical testing engineer is one of the claimants. He is now living in Scunthorpe.

Another former employee who did not want his name and Kidderminster address disclosed, said the protective awards alone could exceed a total of £25,000 if the claim is successful.