A FORMER stock-market millionaire and Ecstasy supplier, turned public speaker, will be opening Wolverley students’ eyes to the potential pitfalls of getting involved in drugs and crime.

Shaun Attwood, 45, who is now an author and activist, is visiting Wolverley CE Secondary School on Tuesday, January 27, at 1.30pm.

His story – which he will be sharing with year 10 students at the school – was featured worldwide on the National Geographic channel, in an episode of Banged Up Abroad.

Shaun was raised in a small town in North West England before he moved to Arizona in 1991 where he became a stockbroker and a tech-stock millionaire.

However, he also took his love of raving and dance music to the US and began organising raves and importing Ecstasy.

His life came crashing down on May 16, 2002, when he was arrested for running an Ecstasy ring and it was while he was on remand that he started his Jon’s Jail Journal blog.

The blog turned the international media spotlight onto the conditions inside the prison, which included gang members, guards murdering inmates and dead rats in food.

Shaun served just under six years of a nine-and-a-half year jail sentence and has been banned from visiting America for life.

Since his release, he has published his life story in a trilogy of books entitled Party Time, Hard Time and Prison Time.

Bryn Thomas, headteacher, said: ““We’re delighted that Shaun is coming to talk to the students.

“At Wolverley, we’re always keen to give the students different experiences and as much as we can talk to them about the perils of pursing a life of crime, being able to hear about it first-hand will be a great learning experience for them.

“Shaun’s story is most certainly a cautionary tale and we’re certain that it will make the students think and ask questions.”